matthew dang

about me

Passionate about building efficient, simple and maintainable software. Interested in working with web technologies and the C#/.Net stack. Enjoy building games and interactive mobile/web experiences.


waywords [android] [iOS]

TLDR - It's a game where you solve anagrams with a target letter.

Inspiration - Inspired by a few different anagram solving word games I enjoy playing. The 9 letter target puzzle in the Sydney Morning Herald, Text Twist (browser based game) and Wordscapes (successful mobile game). Wordscapes makes you grind too many easy levels and shows you too many ads for my liking so I wanted to build something better.

that's your jam

TLDR - It's a game where you try and remember the lyrics to songs.

Inspiration - The idea came about from the site Sporcle where lyric solving games are part of the collection of guessing games on that site. However, I wanted to play with any song so I wrote my own lyrics scraper and version of the game. It has since been updated with online multiplayer and leaderboards after having gained some exposure.

maze visualisations

TLDR - It shows off maze creation and searching with different algorithms and biases. The speed of iteration can be controlled in real time.

Inspiration - I always wanted to play around with a maze visualisation after seeing as a linux screensaver once.


TLDR - It's a game where pop culture references are described using wordplay such as synonyms and anagrams.

Inspiration - This is basically a dumbed down kind of cryptic crossword type game with pop culture references to make it more fun. The good thing is that I've now forgotten half the clues which I wrote so I can enjoy the game.